Whole Wheat Pesto Pizza

Oh you guys are going to love this!!! If you need a laugh…read on I’ve made TONS of pizzas before, but seriously this one definitely will be the most memorable.  Honeslty, I’m had a  crappy morning, but I wasn’t going to let my morning ruin the rest of my day. I’m working from home so … Continue reading

Parmesan Green & Yellow Zucchini

Yesterday’s Zucchini bread only used 1/2 of our inventory (1 zucchini), so I quartered the other zucchini and added a quarter yellow zucchini. I was in a rush today and STARVING so grabbed ingredients at random and threw the following on the grill: Ingredients you’ll need: 1 Green zucchini 1-2 Small Yellow Zucchini Grated Cheese … Continue reading

Zucchini Bread

It’s very easy for me to get carried away and buy too much food (or too many shoes, or too many purses OR too many clothes, but you get the point haha) This week I bought way too much produce, the energy and time I thought I had to put into cooking all of it … Continue reading

Panko-Crusted Stuffed Chicken

For dinner tonight I tried to make Panko-Crusted Stuffed Chicken. Again, I pulled this recipe from one of my Pinterest boards (http://www.fortheloveofcooking.net/2011/06/panko-crusted-chicken-stuffed-with-ricotta-spinach-tomatoes-and-basil.html).  It was messy to make but totally worth it!!! The chicken was so filling that we didn’t even bother with side dishes. Ingredients You’ll Need: 1 cup of low fat ricotta cheese Grated … Continue reading

Zucchini Pizza Boats

I am always looking for new ways to eat vegetables, and this certainly is a recipe I’ll be making again. You’ll notice I tagged this blog under appetizer and entree. I think theres zucchini boats would be great for your next part and for those who are following a healthy-eating regimen would certainly like this … Continue reading

Maple Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Unfortunately, Mom is not feeling well today. I know making the weekly pot of sauce and a ba-zillion meatballs was on her “to-do” list, so I decided to surprise her and check-it off the list. Ingredients you’ll need: NOPE — lol some recipes are not for sharing. Got to keep some of the Rolandelli cooking … Continue reading

Stuffed Peppers

I should be walking the beach in Hilton Head, SC and getting ready to have lunch at the Dunes House…… But, unfortunately our flight was cancelled last night and our mini-vacation was postponed until next weekend. So, I’m back to doing what I usually do on the weekends, which is COOK!!! Unfortunately, I haven’t cooked … Continue reading

Lemon-Garlic Pork Medallions

Well I couldn’t exactly have an appetizer and dessert with out dinner and a side dish now could I?? Tonight I tried to make Lemon-Garlic Pork Medallions (aka pork chops) with mashed/pureed cauliflower as a side. Ingredients you’ll need: – boneless cut pork chops – salt/pepper – garlic cloves – reduced sodium chicken broth – … Continue reading

Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms

Okay I may have cooked a little too much today, if that is at all possible. I started with making 2 different types of turkey burgers. One of which I’ve already blogged about – Spanakopita Turkey Burgers. Then put them in the freezer for use over the next 2 weeks. Then I put an apple pie … Continue reading