About Me

I cook ALOT, take pictures of what I’m cooking ALOT and post it to Facebook, ALOT! I’ve posted my “noms” enough that I get confronted about what I’m cooking, where do I get my ideas from and how did the recipe actually turn out….

So, I figured maybe…..just maybe….I should start blogging….so here goes!!

My “Ah Nom Nom” phrase was gifted to me by close friends (you know who you are). I’m giving them their credit, because they are awesome cooks!! I’m sure they’ll reveal themselves in due time. Without them I wouldn’t know how to chop garlic w/o losing my fingers, I wouldn’t be so obsessed with grilling, I would have never started putting Lawry’s Seasoning Salt on my burgers and I would have never bought a deli slicer for my father as a birthday gift!

If you’ve gotten this far and you’re still interested — I encourage you to read on….comment, share recipes, ask questions, challenge me. I always encourage my friends to come over to dine with me….my only requirement is that you bring wine!

And, if you’re not interested……well…..go follow some other blog and enjoy whatever you’re eating, because whatever it is….its not as good as what I’m cooking!!!!!!


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