Whole Wheat Pesto Pizza

Oh you guys are going to love this!!! If you need a laugh…read on

I’ve made TONS of pizzas before, but seriously this one definitely will be the most memorable.  Honeslty, I’m had a  crappy morning, but I wasn’t going to let my morning ruin the rest of my day. I’m working from home so I figured COOKING my lunch, instead of the normal frozen meal would be a treat. HA!

So, I pulled out some homemade pesto, and a pre-made (Momma Mary’s) whole wheat pizza crust. And, started to prepare the pizza. My sister calls and as we’re talking I realize that a generous amount of white smoke is coming from the oven….great, it wasn’t in there long enough to BURN so it had to be the olive oil from the pesto burning-off. It happens. So, I close some doors, open others, open some windows…..that usually does it right???? OH NO!!!!

I open the oven again cause now it has been in there long enough to cook, and I had intentions of just taking the pizza out and enjoying my lunch.  As I open the oven more smoke comes out, this time I’m certain the alarm is gonna go off, YUP!!! Okay so whats so funny about an alarm, nothing, but its the air-raid like siren that is apparently part of our house security system that’s connected to the alarm that goes off ON-TOP of the fire alarm beeping. WOW — talk about loud, I am now 100% sure we’ll be well warned incase of emergency.

Actually, it was so loud the Ramsey DPW truck that was outside my house heard it, when I opened the front door to air out the house they started yelling for me and asking if I needed assistance (or waiting for me to stop, drop in and roll incase I was on fire lol), at which point I had to confess that I was just MAKING LUNCH!!!!

Anyways – I was ready to throw the pizza in the garbage and high-tail it over to the bar, no wait I mean Panera’s but to my surprise the pizza looked GREAT and tasted good too!!! ONLY ME!!!!

So, if you would like to repeat this recipe minus all the “bells & whistles, alarms, smoke” – here’s the recipe!

What you’ll need:

1 Momma Mary’s Whole Wheat Pizza Crust (or Boboli)
3-4 table spoons of pesto (store-bought or homemade)(just enough to coat the crust)
1 package fat-free shredded mozzerella

(1) Pre-heat the oven to 450 or the temperature that is recommended on the pizza crust packaging, coat the pizza crust with the pesto sauce and top with the shredded cheese

(2) Place in the oven – and cook until cheese is melted (lesson learned, cookie sheet not pizza pan with holes in it — lol)

Ah Nom Nom! You’re Done!!!


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