Panko-Crusted Stuffed Chicken

For dinner tonight I tried to make Panko-Crusted Stuffed Chicken. Again, I pulled this recipe from one of my Pinterest boards (  It was messy to make but totally worth it!!! The chicken was so filling that we didn’t even bother with side dishes.

Ingredients You’ll Need:

1 cup of low fat ricotta cheese
Grated Parmesan cheese, grated
Fresh basil, chopped
4 clove of garlic, minced
Sea salt and freshly cracked pepper, to taste
Dash of oregano
1 pack chicken breasts
Italian seasoned panko crumbs
Liquid eggs
2 tsp olive oil

(1) Mix the fat-free ricotta, chopped basil, salt, pepper, chopped garlic gloves and grated cheese in a bowl and set aside

(2) Wash the chicken and place on a plate. Take a sharp knife and slit the chicken down the middle creating a pocket for the ricotta filling. Fill each chicken breast with the ricotta filling. Use tooth picks to hold the chicken breast closed.

(3) Take a basting brush and coat each side of the chicken with liquid eggs and then coat with seasoned panko bread crumbs.  Coat the bottom of a glass Pyrex dish with olive oil and place each chicken breast in the Pyrex. Add a little olive oil to the top of each chicken breast

(4) Bake the chicken in the oven at 400 degrees until the chicken is cooked through, be sure to remove toothpicks from the chicken before serving.

AH NOM NOM! You’re Done!!

This weekend went WAY TOO FAST! But I enjoyed it nonetheless and certainly got a lot of cooking done.  Please feel free to comment on any of my blogs and/or share your ideas. I’m always, always looking for new healthy recipes!


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