Stuffed Peppers

I should be walking the beach in Hilton Head, SC and getting ready to have lunch at the Dunes House……

But, unfortunately our flight was cancelled last night and our mini-vacation was postponed until next weekend. So, I’m back to doing what I usually do on the weekends, which is COOK!!!

Unfortunately, I haven’t cooked anything new lately, but this week I should have a few at least 2 new recipes for you…

Today is STUFFED PEPPERS, I actually made these last weekend but never got around to blogging about it.

Ingredients you’ll need:

Green Peppers (red can be used too)
Ground beef (or turkey meat)
1 Cup Brown Rice
Olive Oil
Liquid Eggs
Grated Cheese
Whole Wheat Bread Crumbs
Chopped Garlic (2-3 cloves)

(1) Clean the peppers, cut off the tops, and de-seed them. Then cut them down the middle and arrange in a 13×9 (or bigger) glass Pyrex

(2) Cook the 1 cup of brown rice and set aside. If you’re short on time I used the microwavable MINUTE “To-Go” rice cups that are usually sold 2 or 4 packs.

(3) Mix ground beef (or turkey), brown rice, chopped garlic, grated cheese, liquid egg, olive oil and bread crumbs in a bowl. Once the mixture is ready take a handful of the mixture and stuff each pepper half. I usually stuff each pepper until it is TOO FULL

(4) Pour additional olive oil over the top of each pepper half , and cover the Pyrex loosely with tin foil.

(5) Place in the oven at 375 Degrees until meat is cooked through and papers are soft.

AH NOM NOM!! You’re done!

The peppers can be served immediately or can be kept in the refrigerator and re-heated for use later in the week. Also if covered tightly with tinfoil the peppers can be kept UNCOOKED in the refridgerator and made the day before you would like to use them.


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