Hungry Girl Yum Yum Brownies

A few of my readers have approached me lately and I would like to thank them for continuing to support me and my new found hobby!! Really, I wasn’t sure where the blog was going, or if any one was reading it, but some of you are and you rock!!

Keep the compliments coming!!! Wait, uhhhhhh…..I mean Thank You! No really, Thank you – its a great feeling to hear that people enjoy reading about something that comes so naturally to me, and that I actually ENJOY doing.

This is where I want to remind you all that I can see HOW MANY of you read my blogs, but unfortunately I can’t tell WHO is reading it. So, please feel free to comment on my blog, or like/comment on the Facebook link to the  posting. And, please share your own ideas, challenge me….I look forward to it!!


Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to cook anything NEW this week, and I don’t have anything slotted for the weekend, YET! However, I did want to share this “healthy” version of  Devil’s Food cake that I found on the HUNGRY GIRL website.

Link to the recipe:

Ingredients you’ll need:

1 package devil’s food cake mix
1 can 100% pureed pumpkin

I’ll let the recipe to telling you how to make it, however, here are my suggestions when trying out the recipe:

-The dough is very dry, but DO NOT add anything that will make the dough easier to handle
– Use 2 spoons to transport the mixture from the bowl to the cupcake liners
– Fill the liners to the top should be able to do this with 1 hefty tablespoon
– Use a toothpick at the end of the 20 minutes to make sure the cakes are cooked through

The last batch I made we got through about 6 and froze the other 12.  If you freeze the cupcakes please remember to take off the foil liner before popping it in the microwave to defrost!!

See you this weekend!


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