Bruschetta Pizza

It’s been a couple of days since I’ve posted anything new. It’s not that I wasn’t cooking, I just wasn’t cooking anything I considered “new” or “exciting”.  Today I was craving pizza for lunch and  figured I’d snap a few shots with my iphone and share my quick & easy BRUSCHETTA PIZZA recipe with you.

This recipe is suitable for a fresh lunch or dinner for 2-3 people. I’m also thinking it would be good for party appetizers, but this recipe may be a little too messy to let people walk around your house with. I’ll use my commute to the city this week to think of more “party appropriate” pizzas and maybe get one up in time for the BIG GAME (GO GIANTS!!!!)

Today is not HOMEMADE, doesn’t even come close. I didn’t even cut, shredded or prepare a single ingredient. So, this may be a good recipe for those of you who don’t know your way around the kitchen just yet ;o)

Ingredients you’ll need:

– Whole Wheat Boboli Pizza Crust (or any other pre-made crust)
– Shredded Mozzarella (I used part-skim Shoprite brand)
– Fresh Bruchetta (I used a homemade bruschetta from Corrados)

When buying the bruschetta make sure you get a FRESH bruschetta, I find that some of the pre-packaged bruschettas could be “salsa-ish” and lack a lot of taste. The bruschetta I purchased from Corrados uses fresh dice tomatoes, basil, red onions and olive oil.

(1) Preheat the oven to 450 degrees. Remove the crust from the plastic packaging and place  it on a cookie sheet

(2) Drain the liquid from the bruschetta and spread it evenly on the pizza crust

(3) Cover the the pizza evenly with the shredded cheese. One bag of shredded cheese was more than enough to cover this medium size crust.

(4) Place the pizza in the oven until the cheese bubbles and starts to brown a little at the edges. When it looks like the pizza below you can take it out.

AH NOM NOM! You’re done!!

I suggest letting it cool for 10 minutes or so before taking the pizza cutter to it and eating it up!! If any pizza is left over you can wrap it in tinfoil and heat it later.

There are a TON of different ways to make pizza, so please if you have any good recipes or favorites please share!!


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