Roasted Chick Peas

Before we start I want to share with you that this is my Mom’s favorite snack as a kid. I wish, I was making it from some cherished family recipe but I’m not. Lucky for you, I’m taking the recipe from so I’ll include the measurements they give me FOR YOU, however, this does not mean I’m about to start measuring….haha

Another personal tidbit is that my mother said that her father (aka Papa) used to call this snack FA-FA beans. When I asked her why, haha, she had no idea….but they used to get them from Frankie’s Market in Carlstadt, NJ and hasn’t seen them since until recently when she saw them in Corrado’s. I’m  sure they’re all over the place now in places like Trader Joe’s but to be honest I’ve never looked. If you’ve seen them or have other recipes for these chick peas definitely let me know!

Ingredients you’ll need:

1 (12 ounce) can chickpeas (garbanzo beans), drained
2 tablespoons olive oil
salt (optional)
garlic salt (optional)
cayenne pepper (optional)

Instead of regular salt, I used sea salt. It’s supposed to be better for you and honestly I can’t tell the difference between sea salt and normal salt… why not going with the healthier option?!? Also, I am opting out of using cayenne pepper, because honestly I don’t have it here and I don’t really care for it so I don’t mind. But, if you use it….let me know how it came out.

(1) Preheat your oven to 450 degrees

(2) Drain your can of chick peas. Tip: Take your can opener and only open the lid 1/2 way this way you can drain the juice but not lose any of the chick peas in the process. The juice in the can is thick, so I ran cold water through the can a few times to help thoroughly drain it.

(3) Once you have the chick peas drained, take your can opener and open the can all the way. Pour the contents of the can on a double-layer of paper towel. Watch out when you pour, if you pour too fast you get some run away chick peas haha.

(4) Grab another layer of paper towel and pat the chick peas down until you think they are dry. Careful, don’t pat too hard they will SQUISH!!

(5) The recipe said to mix the chick peas with the olive oil and seasonings in a bowl. I’m opting to use a Zip-loc for several reasons, they are:

  • This will allow you to put it away in the fridge for future use if you don’t have time to bake them right away
  • It will keep the oil “local” (as my Mom would say), in other words, you’re less likely to get oil on you, all over the place or all over the kitchen
  • Easy clean-up!

(6) Take a baking sheet and add a little olive oil to it, then dump the bag/bowl of chick peas on to it. I grabbed the cookie sheet and shook it a little bit to spread out the chick peas

(7) Into the oven they go, recipe says to check constantly over a period of 30-to-40 minutes to avoid burning. I grabbed the cookie tray and pulled it out 1x and gave it a slit shake to move the chick peas around so they brown evenly.

WARNING: They didn’t mention this in any recipe I saw! These small innocent looking chick peas EXPLODE!!!

This is a serious warning, but I am laughing hysterically w/ my Mom as I type this. I learned the hard way that my Mom was right about the exploding chick peas, as I opened the oven and I was taking in the smell of garlic salt and admiring my cooking lol one of the damn things SHOT straight out to the right and bounced off the oven wall….it made such a loud pop that I dove out of the way, but lucky for me I was not injured! Typical, my Mom started yelling “Told you!! Told you to watch your face, you could’ve lost an eye….and wouldn’t that be a story to blog about” (ROFL). And you should also know that as I type this one just bounced off the oven window…sometimes I scare myself….and I’m definitely afraid to approach the oven!! 

Go ahead laugh at me….I’m laughing at me!! 

(8) Once they are brown and crunchy they’re — AH NOM NOM  your done!

I like them! I can’t say with all the olive oil I put on it that it’s as healthy as people claim they are but they’re good!!! Mom and I devoured 1/2 the bowl, so I can tell you’re their pretty tasty right out of the oven, but they also get crunchier the longer you leave them out.


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