Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Beach Cake

Waking to frost on my car and 10 degree weather this morning got me thinking of the Summer, BBQ’s, and the beach! So, here’s a throw back to July 4th, 2011.

This 4th of July was spent at my cousin Dawn’s house having a great BBQ with our family.  I wanted to do something special for the kids and the adults so I made a BEACH cake.

Ingredients you’ll need:

Yellow Cake Mix (Butter recipe cake mix is delish!)
Vanilla frosting
Blue Food Coloring
Graham Cracker Crumbs
Candy (Fruit Roll-ups, gumballs, Swedish Fish, Licorice Rings, Teddy Grahams etc.) (Get Creative!!)

(1) Make the yellow cake mix in a 13x9x2 pan

(2) While the cake cools mix blue food coloring into the vanilla frosting. I got the turquoise color you see above by using ALOT of the food coloring.  It’s going to be hard to get a deep blue color considering the frosting is white, but I feel like the turquoise worked just fine.

(3) Ice the cake with the mixed frosting, after adding food coloring the icing will get soft, this will make it ideal for making “waves”. I just used a rubber spatula and OVER ICED the cake which allowed me to play with icing until I got the desired effect

(4) Place an excessive amount of the graham cracker crumbs where ever you would like to place your BEACH.

Note: Do not add crumbs until you have reached your party location!!! I did not do this and was stuck for an hour in the back seat of the car worrying about the cake and holding it like it was a ticking time-bomb lol

(5) Add the candy anyway you want. I placed Teddy Grahams on Fruit roll-ups to look like teddy bears sunning on the beach, and place other Teddy Grahams in the licorice rings to make them look like they were swimming

AH NOM NOM!! Your done!!

This cake is great for any summer special occasion whether it be a holiday weekend, birthday, kids parties, or the 4th of July. I encourage you to look up other “beach cakes” there are brilliant ones out there…

I’ve seen variations of this cake with chocolate icing and oreo crumbs to look like a construction site, or a graveyard for Halloween….check ’em out!

Construction Cake: 

Graveyard Cake: 

Stay warm everyone!!!


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