Fresh Basil Pesto

Earlier today I blogged about picking up some basil from the Corrados (Italian supermarket) in Wayne, NJ. Now, when I say “some” I mean ALOT. My mother and I picked up 2 bunches at about $1.99 a piece. The only way I can describe the size of this is bag is that….Santa has his bag of toys and we have our bag of BASIL!! haha

We got the basil home, separated and cleaned it.

Half of it went into a bag and into the freezer. And, the other half I used to make pesto.

Ingredients you’ll need:

Fresh Basil (about 2 cups)
6 Cloves of Garlic
1 Cup Extra Virgin or any other Olive Oil
Handful of Dry Roasted Walnuts

(1) Combine all the ingredients into the food processor

(2) Food process all the ingredients until desired texture is achieved. If the mixture is too thick add more olive oil, and if the mixture is too oily then add more grated cheese, basil and/or walnuts

AH NOM NOM!!! You’re done!

My current freezer inventory is 3 Pestos and 1 Red Pepper Pesto. With all this spare sauce in the freezer its pretty safe to say I won’t be making these recipes again until I run out… a few months.


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